Match versus E V O L U T I O N (8th Feb 2012)

Wednesday, 8th February 2012 - 9:00pm Australia/Sydney
Battlefield 3
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Strike at Karkand (Assault #2 / Small)

  • Perth @ 6:00PM
  • Adelaide @ 8:30PM
  • Brisbane @ 8:00PM
  • Sydney @ 9:00PM
  • Melbourne @ 9:0PM
  • Hobart @ 9:00PM



Couple of things about last night, firstly sorry for calling everyone back from A when we were smashing them. We could have wiped them pretty easy and that was obvious. I did that because I wanted to see if we could get it back. Evidentally we struggled to get it back which was interesting. I only did that when I knew we couldnt lose but I think the lesson was that we were organised and worked well to get the flags but were disoganised when we were split. Anyways, I know everyone might not have agreed with the call but it did uncover an area we can improve on.

The second round I spent most of my time watching the map rather than shooting, trying to see what they were doing... hence the KDR i keep forgetting there is no Commander in Bf3./

Finally, the initial strategy from Bf2 is a cracker. Below is a quick run down on the inital attack by US...capturing C in the first minute
Tank goes down the middle road and takes the second right, but not before drawing their fire from AT.
The APC sits on the tanks ass and as the tank turns right the APC flogs is straight up the middle road, over the ramp at the Square and turn right as soon as you land to go around the back of market. The Tank is a decoy and losing it initally is acceptable. Ideally as the tank turns right, he pops smoke.
If the APC makes it through (hopefully no mines) players spawn on APC, capture flag and we then get their tank when it spawns.
then we simply hammer them from both ends, as we did last night
Woven came up with the tactic and named it Shock and

— Chilli


  • Blade
  • Chilli
  • Chromium
  • ExcitedGrot
  • Hedcolector
  • KOTW
  • Scratchface
  • Mac
  • Uppy
  • Wovenrug
  • bush2008 (invalid/not registered)

No show:

  • Xtrude
  • Dragon


A list of maps, and scores for each round.

Map Our Score Opponent Score
Strike at Karkand [BF3] 139 0
Strike at Karkand [BF3] 0 9