Match versus Sneaky Ninjas (16th Jan 2012)

Monday, 16th January 2012 - 8:00pm Australia/Sydney
Battlefield 3
Meta: Server: , Opponent:


Challenge for tonight...we don't lose the tank even once. Armour squad to have 3 engi's...doesn't matter who is in the tank or gunners seat there is always at least one engi close and two repairing if needs be.

  1. squad of 4 holds the right side and center (coming from the top}
  2. Engi's in tank
    Everyone else spawns at Bridge and shoots anything that moves.

Priority 1 - Take the bridge
Priority 2 - Dont loses armour
Priority 3 - If we use unlocks, Meds revive revive revive

A soflam set up on the opposite side might also scare their tank into hiding behind their buildings


A list of maps, and scores for each round.

Map Our Score Opponent Score
Grand Bazaar 0 0
Grand Bazaar 0 0