Match versus Oceanic Eagles (18th Dec 2011)

Sunday, 18th December 2011 - 8:30pm Australia/Sydney
Battlefield 3
Meta: Server: , Opponent:


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Booking description: Oceanic Eagles vs [ADF] Clan Booked Date and Time Sunday, 18 December 2011 @ 07:30pm Duration: 2 hours Game: Battlefield 3 Server address: Max players:34 The following server settings were selected:

RCON password: npnprj Admin Port: RCON DETAILS: Server: %server:ip% Admin port: %server:port% + 5    Join Password: dmliqw Region: Oceania Ping Site: Australia Server Admin Log: ON Ranked: OFF Randomise  Maplist: ON Enable B2K: BF3 + B2K Game Mode: Conquest 32 Round limit: 8 Maplist: MP_017 Auto Balance:  OFF Round Start Player Count: 1 Round Restart Player Count:
Friendly Fire: ON Regenerate Health: ON Kill Cam: OFF Minimap: ON HUD: ON 3D Spotting: OFF Crosshair: ON Minimap Spotting: ON Name Tags: ON 3P Cam: OFF Vehicle Spawns?: ON Vehicle Spawn Delay: 100 Soldier Health: 100 Soldier Respawn Time: 100 Man Down Time: 100 Bullet Damage: 100 Spawn only on squad leaders?: OFF Player Cap: Unlimited Ticket Count %: 100 Unlock Mode: All Common Unlocks  (everything but DLC) Punkbuster: ON Queue Length: 0 Idle Timeout:
Idle Ban Rounds:
Large Conquest Ladder Match: ON


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