Farming Simulator 2011


Yes, that was my problem with it. Wipe out an outpost only to have the bastards respawn 2 seconds later and kill you when you weren’t expecting it.

Also, regardless of who’s side you were on, the guards would still shoot you. They said this was because you were a “secret agent” but what that really means is that the programmers were too lazy to implement a friendly guard state. Less work for everyone to shoot you all the time.

Pity because if it wasn’t for those two things, I would of played the game 10 times more.


Although it might explain why the tractor is randomly parked in a cul-de-sac…

Im suprised it even got there … i hate those pieces of shit. Drove one while chasing for a couple of seasons and just hated the hot, shit geared green thing. I actually preferred driving the old ford over that … thats how bad they are!


Bought it, downloading.

Hopefully it supports steering wheels as I have it set up for F1 2010. Adds realism, haha.




very simulated . . .:rolleyes2:

hows the rest of it nip?


Very dry but that was to be expected. You get to do a fair bit of stuff. Plenty of machines and attachments to play with. Have to manage funds, resources etc.

Literally get sick of ploughing after making 2/3 runs. I think you can hire people to do it for you though. Goal of the game is to establish and maintain a profitable farm I guess.

It’s not going to steal any time from my other games for the time being, but it is something I could see myself playing every now and again. I was going to buy it regardless but my recommendation would be to not bother with it if you don’t have any interest in farming. Not exactly a surprising finding.


Game as it’s meant to be played, collecting hay bails with an auto loading trailer.



i bet it was exciting harvesting the paddock at 7mph Nip lol.


LMAO. Can’t believe you bought it :laugh:. Keep us posted of any exciting turn of events!


just dont start whingin like a bloody farmer.


HAHAHAHAHAH…I guess with his ping playing something like this was his only option. Do they have an online version NIP?, Like a Harvest Race, even with your ping you could compete in that.

I was interested in the audio so looking au the farming SIM on YouTube

Quite impressive…lol



Hey, it beats harvesting the virtual corn by hand.

Strangely getting more and more entertaining as I play it.

Yeah Chilli, there’s multiplayer.


im actually now quite interested

ive been playing cities xl thats not a bad sim either


The original or XL 2011?


xl 2011


i should move all these posts into the spam thread :tongue2:


How about I just move all yours to spam? Would be a much better representation of your posts imo :shades:



lol according to Steam this game is a top seller, morbid curiosity must be the result of many strange games being purchased on steam, so me thinks :shades: