BFBC2 Screenshots


lol u nutter az


That’s a first, the UAV man gets 1st place
… Including my very first Quadruple kill with UAV :yahoo:


26 and 0…did you fire a shot or is that all UAV


All UAV, never got shot down. No clue as to why i recieved recon points


cause your kit was RECON?

26 kills, other team must have been dickheads…:wacko:

I take it you have unlockded the little mini gun on the UAV? Which perk is it as in what does the symbol look like?

it it this one?



nope, kit was Engineer

the dickheads won

…i honestly dont know which perk allows you to use the mini gun, i dont even know what button your suppose to use as its not in the control options (i always use the feature that reloads the primary weapons alot faster)


alternate fire for the minigun chilli


What button do you press?


right click for minigun


look at all those pins.


Chromy got smaaaaaashed lol … after this, he had to join the winning team :stuck_out_tongue:


Where’s the SS of my awesomeness!!!


that was earlier, and not awesome sorry… if -OE.Tim was there i would have … but Inv3rted … you’ll need a 50+ at a kdr of 10 or more for that imo lol.

And patience & precision isnt looked upon favourably by me lol.



plus this

= lvl 50 yo!!


Or better proof:


I thought you were already level 50?

Nice scores you bastards…


Its double points week thanks to Steam sale!


Damn, think I’m still like level 7 or something?


N1 az welcome to level 50…took u long enough lol


Tonights the night.