BFBC2 Screenshots


34 hrs and im finally in the top 10k woot






now az, do it all again when full game comes out.




lol … oh i will be Blade!!


It isn’t the full game?


it is now. Half of us took part in ze beta. We’ve spent a looooooot of time in Port Valdez


KDR doesnt mean sfa in bc2 … but starting playin medic last night and the lmgs are so good … getting some bloody good rounds strung together since …(obviously this was a bit extreme lol … but fun :slight_smile: )


Nice work az


What i can never understand is how i die more times just by spawning than you do in a whole round.


nicely done, thats one of my favorite maps


I have waited nearly 2 weeks for EA to either fix or reply to my stat problem, and still no word :mad2: Im guessing i have played over 10 hours and wouldnt have a clue how much points i have

… & with that message that comes up down the bottom when you first login ‘Go to BATTLEFIELD.COM to see your soldier stats’ is a load of shit

I thought they released the beta so they could fix all these problems


While not a 400 from the full game … i still reckon its pretty sexy to see :stuck_out_tongue:


yer thats that stab in the back act!, Are you italian? MOF changing sides in the middle of a war!


lol i think i have a few of chilli tags aswell


hahahha … we were team stacking by about 6-7 … so i change teams … and 2 minutes later happen to chase an enemy, stab em in the back … and what do ya know … Chilli dog tag … no foul play imo :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally. Thanks Blade and Mac helpin out :stuck_out_tongue:


Who’s that dipper bloke? Sounds like a champ.


notice i’m skilled enough to avoid his knives…but not his tubes