BFBC2 Screenshots


:blink: I didnt know we rush when we’re defending


damn straight you do…straight at them…lol


And thats probably why your struggling to find kills, because your trying to take on a whole team all by yourself when your team is staying back and defending :shades: I keep telling you Chilli, your just a man, you cant keep trying to kill a whole team… it cant be done… well unless Kollida is standing right next to you :tongue2:



oh for the few glorious moments when my act of valor, my self sacrifice has saved my team…then there are the hundreds of times i have just been cannon fodder and died a horrible death…

maybe you have a point…lol

i think im a ADHD gamer…i just cant stand still in once place…


LOL same :smiley:


I nearly reached 50 kills IAR


9 UAV kills IAR :yes:

…Map was actually Africa Harbor, the best part was when i ran over 2 enemies standing next to eachother


Very nice, you’re a machine.

Also think you mean Arica Harbour.


Hmm i have no idea how the ‘F’ got in there :shades:. Thanks Nip, you should become a teacher


It’s Africa dammit! TO AFRICA!!

That’s what I call it, so clearly they got it wrong in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, yeah I usually call it Africa too. Has to do with word recognition imo, subconsciously we read the shape of the word rather than the word itself.


Holy shit i’m lucky to read the words most nights now your telling me there’s shapes in there too nip…Fuck me thank god I left school in grade ten lol…:tongue2:


Like last night … got a few rds in with nearly no mega warp … just the general lagginess/sluggish the mobile broadband gives. Nothing flash … but still an achievement considering half the time i normally go through walls before rubberbanding back 5-6 seconds lol. Knife is most certainly harder than with a good ping (really got to stop trying all together heh)


Crazy fun before war…


Wait, you can get roadkills with the UAV? I never would have thought to try that.


Yea, but its quite hard to run them over when they’re moving… but when the enemy is still its very easy

I think I have around 120 UAV roadkills atm


I think i have a total of 2 kills with the UAV lol


good ping = killing


no ping issues during the day. On gummybears server :shades:


LMFAO love the 25 kill streak and 30 ones in the chat box. Would those be custom or made by dice?