BFBC2 Screenshots


Muahahaha I have played a bit, just that work has been interfering.
I worked 72 hours last week :stuck_out_tongue:
Moolah for me!

This week i’ll be back :wink:

Oh and as it is my 19th tomorrow, I expect to gets free tags from people when I am in game tomoz! xD


yer ok ill stand there and you can knife me :mellow:…NOT


Heh, Caboose practically does that anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:


Received all weapon gold star the other day (well apart from the M1). now going for all platinum stars


Nice ratio’s slzatchy…shit i play alot of bc2 and never see people with ratio like that your extreme fkn good or play alot of shit people…(Or maybe i’m just jealous lol)


Lol, Az & insom would kick my ass if we played on the same server

Its simple, if you play plenty or rush matches and figure out how to get around teams, anyone can get quick and easy kills

I havnt had a good score using the medic kit yet… its funny because there’s ALOT of people that cant kill at all without using medic weapons, yet i cant kill at all with them… just like bf2 i was crap at using the support guns


They do that a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, I dare Az to get another of my tags, double dare him even!! :smiley:


mmm…and you say you cant play squad matches…if you can get all those badges anhd those scores, im sure you can play competitivley



… I simply cant, everytime i run with a squad it lags up, well apart from the first 5-10 days when i have cable


Get your but in the squad competitively, I don’t care if you lag! You’d play better than I do without both arms and no internet connection!!! :sweat:
No more excuses boyo! :tongue2:


Ill do it


Bring it on! :happy:


Im trying to stay away from using the UAV for a few rounds

… Looks like i can handle without it :tongue2:


i hate you


:blink: but you dont know me


Join OE and we can get to know you… cough and clone you… cough


One of the worst teams i have played with. Noone could spot, kill, defuse or even destroy a tank yet we WON

Noone had a positive kdr or decent spm until the last MCOM station, we had to defend the last station with about 70-80 tickets left

Simply proves that the sh*t team can win in rush mode


What kit were you?


Are you serious Chilli? … we have been playing BF2 for over 2 years now :tongue2: Its funny because the sniper isnt really suppose to get more kills then medics & assaults

… Another knife f*ck up from EA, i was behind a teammate (AshLive2Left was on the other side of my teammate) i got knifed but my teammate didnt


i was just interested because its called rush but you didnt ruch…LMAO


I just wish i had sniper skills:ermm: