BFBC2 Screenshots


Seeing how many kills i can get without dying in a round… chasing 50 :dry:


have you posted that before?

how do you not fuking DIE!!!


uav playing rush


Yup, i enjoy starting off the round by killing people with UAV… its quite fun when you know how to use it

Does anyone know how exactly the best squad pin is given out. that round i took a screenshot of i had myself (that weas second) another guy (in the middle) and 2 guys from the squad that was 3rd and 4th last, and we got the best squad pin… acouple of rounds later i was in a squad where we had 4 of the top 5 players on the winning team, and we didnt get the best squad pin

how do you explain that?


the other team had a squad with better scores


i very much doubt it as we raped them, and none of them had decent scores or kills


so whats the trick in UAV kills. I friggen can land that bomb right near someone and it doesnt kill them. The reload times for another missile are so long I dont see how you can get so many kills with it.

The mini gun is pretty shit too and i find it gets shot out of the air if you are close enough for the minigun to be effective.

Whats the tactic you use to get so many kills. Im trying to rebuild my KDr but its taking a long time and putting together a few good uav rounds would help. I can sit in the uav for ages and kill fuk all and its pissing me off.


The mini gun is useless, well unless the UAV is very low to the ground. I like to use the shorter reload perk which does seem to reload the primary weapons a hell of alot faster

I guess the key to get easy and quick UAV kills is to be smooth when using the mouse, im sure anyone can get better once they have played as long as i have with it :wacko:

… these days i shoot using the UAV without even seeing an enemy (takes something like 5 seconds to actually shoot), 2-3 seconds into it ill find an enemy that looks like a sitting duck and ill get him… very satisfying

advice, get as high as you can and shoot people that are either on ground defence or are snipers… as they never move :yes: thats a start


thanks mate, using that perk will help,


Cha-Ching, thanks Slzatchy!

Time to rape with the UAV! :smiley:


yep, it reloaded faster. then i shot some people and they didnt die. Weak as piss


I wonder what your doing wrong then, because if your aiming box & + is directly on an enemy they should always die… maybe they’re moving just before the bomb hits them, i always spot them (the red dot helps) as i shoot so its easier to see if / where they are moving, as its sometimes hard to see an enemy when your aiming at them

also if they’re running dont aim infront of them (like you would do as sniper), just get the + on them and move the UAV in their direction… well thats what i always do and it seems to work


still seems pretty underpowered though. I know it works because I keep getting killed by it…lol…ill keep trying


its def underpowered, i constantly tag people


It aint underpowered!!! its very easy to use when you get the hang of it… 1 shot to destroy tanks and choppers, you can destroy MCOM stations when they’re in buildings & you cant die


i bloody hate the uav … killed by a tard frikken miles away … at least have the decency to kill me face to face after my knife has missed 3 times!


lol are you still trying to knife people even after the release of this shitty patch… i have given up on the knife, but when i do atempt to knife someone (once every blue moon these days) i seem to always miss and get shot

EA have really fced up the knife and i wonder why


no doubt, worst patch ive ever seen to a game. And to rally put the shits into you, there are no responses to a mountain of forums about the issues.

The least they could do is to make a statement saying they are aware of issues and looking into it with an eta on a new patch.

just sitting in the dark, although i have found that my knife kills are better lately. Im slicing and dicing from around 1.5 meters-2m away from the enemy on my screen i kill them. If im right on them its doesnt seem to register


Nah, i have to disagree with you Chilli, the 1.50 bf2 patch is the worst patch in history, it killed the game

… i mean changing the prone so that its alot harder to kill someone as soon as you prone was a mistake by EA. being able to run around, have someone start shooting at you, jumping around like a rabbit, finding out where the enemy is, proning, then shooting them in the head with 1 shot was the best thing about bf2 (apart from the knife)


nah, for players like me, that evened the playing field. My K/D ratio got better. I mean when in anywar have you seen a soldier jumping around like a rabbit then getting head shots.

It was a bloody joke IMO and 1.5 made it a little more realistic.