Yeh there were a couple of glitches with it. The way around it before was using a save game just after it someone loaded. I think the new crack doesn’t need the save game fix any more.

Next round of drivers then ey nip? That’s what you get for your dual card action :wink2:. I’m actually very happy with performance. Pumped physx up to full, adds a few more effects but hasn’t really done anythin to framerates. Only twice I’ve actually noticed lag (1 was in the Bane fight, the whole room is filled with dust and smoke, the other was the 2nd Scarecrow encounter, seemed to be just a little too much happening). The game has glitched a few times tho. A couple of times the next area doesn’t load if phsyx is enabled. It seems a rather common issue so if anyone is running it and the game crashes, try disabling phsyx til the next save point


haha wazza, funny you should mention that 2nd Scarecrow encounter, brought my system to its knees. I have everything up full bore, runs fine 99% of the time except when there is a bit happening, by which I mean alot, aka the 2nd scarecrow encounter.

Until this game starts utilising the 2nd GPU for more than just physics, I’m expecting to see a nice bump in frames, somewhere in the 100fps region at the worst. I use vsync anyway as it looks smoother but I still like to know that my cards are getting utilised. As an estimate, shift got a 100% increase in frames which is pretty darn efficient.

btw, how awesome was walk down the hallway before the 2nd scarecrow encounter, freaky, I loved it.


Scarecrow encounters have been some of my fav parts of the game.

Started doing the Challenges yesterday -freakin hard! Have gotten 2 stars of em but can’t keep the combo going long enough to make 3 stars. FYI - biggest points come from ground take downs (standard hits do about 20, unblockable take down 50, ground take down is 100) so if ya can get that with a high multiplier you’re set.

A little miffed at the windows live scoreboard. While I’m nowhere near the top, when you first check out a challenge it does list the top scorers, who have scores in the millions. These guys are obviously glitching (I haven’t looked into it, but i briefly read there’s a way to keep hitting some guys without em gettin knocked out, allowing massive combos. Unless you’ve got friends also on the scoreboard to keep a personal comp against, makes the scoreboard kinda pointless.


The multi annoys me a bit as I will build in up to start doing combos but if I’m a split second too slow, then I lose my multi.

I’m starting to get sick of the repetiveness of it, it’s still awesome but I don’t see myself finishing the game.

I just find myself taking out a bunch of guards, then fighting a boss, then taking out a bunch of guards, then scarecrow, then guards with guns etc…

Don’t get me wrong, awesome awesome game, but I’m just not enough of a Batman fan to play through it. The scarecrow experiences I’ve had up to this point are without a doubt some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in any videogame though. AC was the same to a degree but there was just something in that game that kept me going back, batman lacks that interest for me.

Since I’ve been able to string enemies up by the gargoyles, it has become too easy as you can just keep on stringing someone up, cutting them down, and stringing up the next person who comes to investigate. Sure if feels cool being all stealthy and making the guards shit themselves, but it is the same thing over and over.


awww, guess it’s not for everyone. I’ve loved gettin the villain info and batman history. It almost tempts me to go and start reading batman comics :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually prefer the fighting style more in this to AC. Both flow exceptionally well, I just find Batman deals with more enemies better and has a greater variaton of moves (visually at least). Timing the strikes isn’t my problem (screw playing on hard without visual cues!), normally it’s just if I try go for too many hits and get clocked one, or I might aim in the wrong direction so bat hits the air (rarely tho).

You should give the challenge mode a go. I’m about 40% of the way through (btw I think the game actually ends before 100%, the rest is collecting trophies and riddles) and have unlocked one level set in the asylum. It’s the same as the first challenge except it’s the “extreme” version. By the 4th round your taking on 10+ guys at once, it’s awesome fun :D. 3 stars is 30,000 points, best I’ve managed is 20050 >.<. Gotta fit in more ground take downs without getting hit.


I also enjoy collecting all the character info. The history of the characters and their stories is something that I really like in a game, gives it a bit of depth. The only thing that shits me is the constant speed bumps I hit in taking down a room full of guards without them seeing me. It just seems to bring the game to a crawl as it seems to be the same thing over and over again just in different locations.

Honestly the only thing that kept me going this long, and for any longer if I continue playing the game, is that it’s freaking cool being batman. He looks epic in the game and gliding around is sweet. The feel of the game is spot on, it’s just the filler content that brings me down between the story.


mmm, I’m got no qualms with the standard goons, the more of em the better I say. But I get the same feeling as you once they have guns. The options suddenly get so limited it can be repetetive. Last few times I’ve tried mixing it up rather than 1 down, hide, 1 down, hide. Setting explosives and disabling the suicide collars works well.


A lot of games suffer the same issue, if I was a die hard batman fan then I would just put up with it, but I’m not.

It was like when Mafia came out, by normal game standards it is great, but not as great as what I make it out to be when you compare it to other games. The reason why it does such a number on me is because of the whole being a mobster thing and my obsession with it. The next game is the only game that I am genuinely exctited for, it could be as repetitive as it likes but I’ll still finish the game.

Same goes for AC, if the first game didn’t have the epic climbing/parkour element to it (which hasn’t been matched in any other game) then it would of been a down right average game.

I probably finish 1 in every 4/5 games that I play, not even that. Unlike some people who can be satisfied with absolutely shocking games (I don’t need to name any games) I need a genuinely good game that can keep my goldfish like attention span occupied. (not saying the batman is a bad game, just doesn’t have the content to keep me going)


zomg win, sequel announced!


epic trailer, though I think I’ll give this one a miss. First game lost it’s appeal far too quickly for me.


Yeah i finished the first got a little repetitive at the end, 2nd one might be worth a look…:wink2:


i got bored before the end…havent played it in a month and dont plan on finishing it


hehe same here.


guess it’s not for all peeps, same with the first AC.

I personally never tired of it. Was a little miffed at the boss fights, but overall found it brilliant. Once i’ve gotten through the swaths of games currently assaulting me I’m gonna give it another run through for sure.


That’s because you seem like a Batman fan, I was never really into it.


Second trailer is out for Arkham City, this time with in game visuals. Funky times. :yahoo:




One complaint which I also had about the first game, why isn’t Harley in her normal jester outfit? Seems like every other character is designed closer to their comic/tv counterpart.


Yeh I’d agree, I can only assume it’s a sex sells thing. But like you said, considering every other characters so closely resemble the comics it sticks out like a sore thumb.