Clan Rules

See also: Oceanic Eagles voice and game servers rules.

These are the clan rules, all clan members must follow these rules or expulsion will result.



OE believes that all people should receive a fair go. Thus, we do not scan the stats sheets and select only the cream. Everyone is welcome to try out.

However, as an OE member you MUST engage in official training, and be prepared to play in tournaments. You will be given opportunity to play against other clans sometime after you’ve settled in.
You MUST be prepared to play with honor .I.e. No cheating, glitching, swearing, abusing, or generally complaining in games.

If you are currently in another clan you will not be considered for OE until you leave your current clan.
If you transfer to OE from another clan you will NOT be able to play in any tournaments or friendlies for two weeks. We will also talk to your previous clan CO prior to accepting you.


The recruitment of outside players into OE is restricted to council members and the Recruitment Officer. If another OE member should happen to spot a player with a high standard of playing ability and shows the potential to be able to work well in a team and could be a valuable asset to OE then the member in question is not authorized to recruit the player himself but should refer the player to the Recruitment Officer who will then approach the player in question and evaluate their; skill, behaviour, personality and dedication etc.
THERE WILL BE NO IN GAME RECRUITMENT. If you see a player you may offer them your MSN and ask to talk to them outside the game. Then pass the interested person msn to the recruitment officer. If you recruit members inside the game you will be brought before a disciplinary panel and face possible suspension from OE. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.

Alternatively, players that show an interest in becoming a member of OE can express their interest by submitting an application form which will be passed on and reviewed by the Recruitment Officer.

To be invited to join OE the player in question must fit in with these recruiting parameters:

  • The player must have MSN installed on their gaming PC.
  • The player has Teamspeak RC2 installed on their gaming PC and posses a operational microphone. People with physical impediments are exempt from this requirement.
  • The player must be able to work cooperatively in a team environment.
  • The player must be available for most matches/trainings etc.

Recruitment is generally on an invitational basis only, players will only be invited to join OE if they fall under the following parameters:

  • The player is able to promptly and efficiently follow directions from senior members.
  • The player has a high standard of behaviour and manners whilst in public servers.
  • The player must be dedicated to the clan.
  • The player has a sound understanding of game types and player positions.

Trial Member

All new OE recruits are required to complete a 2 - 4 week trial period. During this period our Recruitment Officers (RO) will be assessing how well you have adjusted to the clan, and whether or not this clan may be appropriate for you. After 2 weeks, new recruits will be either promoted to a full clan member, or will have their recruitment application denied, and OE tags must be removed. The extra 2 weeks will be used in situations (which include but are not limited to) where very few matches have been played, or the admins believe they need more time to assess the new recruit.

During this period admins will be addressing the following (includes but is not limited to):

  • The ability to work in a team environment
  • Player conduct
  • How well that player has adapted to the OE community
  • Whether or not that member has been active throughout their trial period
  • Whether or not that member has participated in clan Matches/Training sessions
    All OE Trial Members will be required to place a small 'r' in the OE tag for that particular game. The RO who is addressing the new recruit will confirm which tag s/he will be using. For example, a new recruit will be required to use the following;

If a new recruit has any questions/concerns throughout their trial period, they are to contact the RO who addressed their recruitment.

Battlefield 2 Recruits

  • The player must have more than 100 hours of game play.
  • The player must have more than 10, 000 points.
  • The player must have a score per minute and kill death ratio greater than 1.

Please note that these requirements are only recommendations. Our BF2 recruitment team are more than willing to look into your application if you do not meet specific requirements (for reasons such as the creation of a new account) if you are able to prove in game experience (via stats, in game assessment, etc).

So if you’re still interested. Make a post about yourself and we will get back to you soon.. Keep in mind OE management only meets formally once a week.

Battlefield 3 Recruits

  • The player must have more than 50 hours of game play.
  • The player must have reached Colonel 1 (Level 45)
  • The player must have a score per minute and kill death ratio greater than 1.

Please note that these requirements are only recommendations.

Name Changing

Players may chose any name they feel represents them in some way, providing that name is not currently in use by another person, and does not offend race, religion or gender. If u create a name that is outside the guidelines you will be asked to change it.. If you do not you will be suspended until u do.

All name changes MUST be approved by a Senioer Admin BEFORE members change their name in-game.

Forum Posting

There are two types of forums; public and private. Please make sure you post in appropriate places. If you feel the need to say bad things about other members, clans, etc, then take it to the private forums so it is viewed only by OE members. If you do not have access to private forums, please send an email/pm to a clan admin. If you make such posts public we will consider this a serious offence and you may face disciplinary actions. If unsure, I suggest you run any such post past an OE management member before making it.

While not into censorship, OE management reserves the right to remove or edit ANY post it feels is derogatory or offensive.

Please feel free to make posts about things you feel will interest other members.

Always check the forums to catch up on any new developments within OE.

As an OE member, you will be expected to the check the forums at least once a week.


We have setup formal procedures for the running of OE. This information has been made available to you on this page. If you feel we have overlooked something or disagree with how we are doing things, lets us know.
The Admin's Msn/Email Details can be found on the members list located via the Members List link above.

Please note, that at the end of the day, all major decisions/adjustments to the clan are made by the Senior Admin team. If you feel that there is anything which you are uncomfortable about, or feel something is needed/unneeded, feel free to contact a clan leader at any time by a forum private message, email, or instant message.


If you wish to make a complaint about another OE member, or non OE member, please write out your complaint before contacting management. This way you have time to think about the issue and are prepared when talking to us. We may also need the information for reference when we deal with the issue.
If anyone harasses you in game, example calls you a cheat or abuses you, take a screen shot, if in MSN or via email, save the file.
If the person is a non OE member that is harassing you management will deal with this on your behalf. Speak to an ADMIN FIRST before responding to the person.


Cheating will not be tolerated at all. If you are found guilty of cheating you will be instantly and permanently removed from OE. Types of cheating include, but are not exclusive to, using game modifications or trainers, using voice chat to tell players of opposite colors where team members are, deliberately not shooting an (OE) team member who you know likes to hide in certain spots, deliberately limiting your bandwidth so you can use lag, screen cheating at Lan parties. If you are an OE member you will play fair you will play with honor and respect your fellow team members and competitors.

In Game Behavior

OE members are required to play with honor at all times. Inappropriate in game behaviour will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of ALL OE members to monitor the conduct of other players, esp. ™ members.
OE members will not engage in cheating or calling others cheats, chat spamming, complaining of other players or lag, abusing, or glitching.

If you see a member engaged in inappropriate behaviours attempt to take a screen shot and ask the member to stop or leave game. If the offence was minor eg. accidental glitching, complaining about lag, or chat spamming, and the member stops, then the issue is to be forgotten. However, if you see this behaviour repeated often report it to management so we can take more formal steps.
If you see a member cheating abusing other players, or refusing to stop the minor offences then ask the person to leave and report it to management ASAP. Please try and obtain Screen shots. Without screen shots we will require several eyewitness accounts of the behaviour before we can act.

Complaining of lag, getting pissed of at someone you shot tens times who didn’t die is normal human behaviour, however, take it to OE ts, private members forums, or OE msn. DO NOT use in game text, public forums or public ts, to make the complaints.