New Recruits

Hello, and congratulations on being accepted into the Oceanic Eagles. There are just a few things we need you to do before we can get this party started.


First, create an account on our forums, you should have already done this though, how else would you be a trial member? Chicken, egg, what?


Next up, you will need to create an account on the main website. You can do this by accessing the actions panel button at the top right of each page, and clicking the create an account button.

Enter your usual player name into the username box, and ensure that the email you are using is one that you access frequently. We will send you information when games become available, so you can RSVP. Access your email inbox and set a password for your new account.

Once you have created an account for the main website, go to the division homepage you applied for (top left) and, while logged in, click the "Request Membership" button. The division leader will need to accept your request.

Division Specific

Next up, contact the leader of the division you applied for, we need you to apply for membership on the websites for the leagues and ladders we participate in. Your leader can be found by clicking the division you applied for at the top left of each page. The leagues we need you to create an account for are:

Your division leader will need to grant you access to sign up to the games we participate in, and set your forum permissions correctly.


If you have not done so already, you must make yourself familiar with the clan rules.