Oceanic Eagles Servers

Oceanic Eagles is currently hosting Battlefield 3 game servers for the general public to use, server rules are below. Feel free to join the action and have some fun with the Oceanic Eagles.

Servers are provided free of charge to the general public, access to our servers is a privilege not a right.

Oceanic Eagles members are given priority access to the servers. Server owners are given master control of the server, and usually more than one person is assigned to the server administration team for each server.

Donating members are given a VIP slot and administrative access to servers.

Server Status


Server Image

Battlefield 3

Server Name: Oceanic Eagles #1

Server Image

Server Name: Oceanic Eagles #2

Server Image

Teamspeak 3

OE has a Teamspeak server. You should download Teamspeak if you do not have it.

  • Server Name: Oceanic Eagles
  • Host: oceaniceagles.com.au
  • Port: (default)

We have our own rules that we enforce regarding rules and general behavior.

Ban Appeals

If you have been banned from our servers, and believe the ban was made in error, please create a thread in our Comments/Suggestion forum with the title "Ban Appeal: PLAYERNAME" where PLAYERNAME is your in game/server nickname.

Simple pleas for unbanning are not sufficient. You should include as much information in your ban appeal as possible, such as:

  • Screenshots, video, and any visual evidence of the ban appeal
  • Why you were banned. Or speculate on the reason / What you were doing at the time of the ban.
  • A link to your profile (e.g. Battlelog if Battlefield 3)
  • Any other information related to the ban you wish to include.
  • Other players/users related to the ban.

If possible, please read the kick message, as you may have been ban temporarily due to inactivity, bad language, or to make room for VIP players. Temporary ban appeals may be ignored.

Ban appeals will be attended to by the server administration team that controls the server. Please wait up to 48 hours for a resolution.

Donating your server

Donating your server will add your server to the Oceanic Eagles infrastructure pool.

The following applies to any server that is added to the pool.

  • Oceanic Eagles in-game rules apply, this includes behaviour of the general public.
  • Oceanic Eagles naming convention applies (eg: Oceanic Eagles BF3 #1 [Game Type])
  • If a bot has been created to manage the server type, it will be added. (Auto ban, etc)
  • Administration is granted to other Oceanic Eagles members who manage that game.
  • VIP access and limited controls (kick, ban etc) are granted to donating members. These controls are governed by standard Oceanic Eagles rules. i.e: there must be rationale for all actions made to a server and players in the server.
  • RCON access is given to the Oceanic Eagles server administration team. It is not given out to other members, this includes donating members. Access to the server host administration panel is not required if sufficient access to in game actions is provided via RCON.